DGS Web Designs is a company located in San Antonio, Texas.

We offer innovative ideas to aide your site to become a household name. Location does not matter - local or across the world,we will make it work for you at the lowest possible prices!

"It's the world wide web"!

History of Founder

My name is Diane G. Shrubshall - I am the founder, owner, president, creative and marketing director for DGS Web Designs. I have worked for many years in the telecommunications business for respectable, internationally known companies as a long-distance technician. I’ve worked with T1 line, trace calls, and have extensive training in customer service. I’ve won many Ambassadors’ Awards Super-Achievers, Circle of Stars, Employee of the Month and traveled through out the nation to receive various Ambassadors’ Club Awards for being a Super-Achiever.

I hold my Rank in Martial Arts Style Chinese Kenpo Karate and Chinese Kung-Fu and will continue to work to achieve my Black Belt in Chinese Kenpo Karate. I Have Learned Self-Defense,Discipline and Respect. I’m currently working toward my Bachelors in Interactive Media Design at The Art Institute University Online and attending New York Institute Of Photography working to achieve my Certificate of Professional Photography. My education consists of Business Administration, Marketing, Web and Graphic Design.

I have built my business from the bottom up. It is a fast-growing and achieving company in the heart of San Antonio.

I am also a member of the Castle Hills First Baptist Church here in San Antonio, Texas.

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